Denis Meikle

Born: 1947 | Birthplace: Glasgow | Educated: Alleyn's School | Spouse: Jane | Children: Sarah, James | Resident: East Sussex

Published works: A HISTORY OF HORRORS-The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer (1996), JACK THE RIPPER-The Murders and the Movies (2001), VINCENT PRICE-The Art of Fear (2002), JOHNNY DEPP-A Kind of Illusion (2004), THE RING COMPANION (2006), ROMAN POLANSKI-Odd Man Out (2007), MR MURDER-The Life and Times of Tod Slaughter (2019) |

Revised editions: A HISTORY OF HORRORS-large format (2011), MERCHANT OF MENACE-The Life and Films of Vincent Price (2015), ROMAN POLANSKI-The Horror Films (2016), HAMMER-The Haunted House of Horror (2018) |

Contributor to: The Dark Side magazine, Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine

MERCHANT OF MENACE-The Life and Films of Vincent Price

Hemlock Books

When I wrote Vincent Price-The Art of Fear in 2002, the emphasis was very much on Vincent Price's career as a 'horror star'. However, in researching the book and watching all of his films from Service De Luxe (1938) on, I had found his pre-House of Wax oeuvre every bit as interesting as the genre roles for which he is best known. The initial work had, of necessity, largely to skip over this early period but when the rights to the title were returned to me after the demise of Reynolds & Hearn, the opportunity was there to flesh out the biography and republish the book under my own imprint of Hemlock Books. This I did in 2015, adding a new, copiously-illustrated chapter and giving as much weight to Price's formative career in the movies as there had been to his more mature years from the 1950s on. Retitled Merchant of Menace-The Life and Films of Vincent Price, the current version is a more fulsome tribute to an actor whose name ultimately became synonymous with horror but who, in the round, was one of the last of the Hollywood 'greats' and a far more gifted performer than his (sometimes trite) genre films might lead the casual observer to believe.


DM and Vincent Price on the set of The Abominable Dr Phibes (1971)