Denis Meikle

Born: 1947 | Birthplace: Glasgow | Educated: Alleyn's School | Spouse: Jane | Children: Sarah, James | Resident: East Sussex

Published works: A HISTORY OF HORRORS-The Rise and Fall of the House of Hammer (1996), JACK THE RIPPER-The Murders and the Movies (2001), VINCENT PRICE-The Art of Fear (2002), JOHNNY DEPP-A Kind of Illusion (2004), THE RING COMPANION (2006), ROMAN POLANSKI-Odd Man Out (2007), MR MURDER-The Life and Times of Tod Slaughter (2019) |

Revised editions: A HISTORY OF HORRORS-large format (2011), MERCHANT OF MENACE-The Life and Films of Vincent Price (2015), ROMAN POLANSKI-The Horror Films (2016), HAMMER-The Haunted House of Horror (2018) |

Contributor to: The Dark Side magazine, Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine

HAMMER-The Haunted House of Horror

Ghoulish Publishing

Allan Bryce of Dark Side decided that he wanted something on Hammer to add to his growing tally of annual 'special edition' books. He approached me, and as I then had the rights to A History of Horrors returned to me after twenty years with Scarecrow Press, I agreed to abridge and update it to suit a more pictorial, large-size format. The only stipulation I made was that the cover should not feature - at least not focus on - Christopher Lee, whose over-familiar 'Dracula' image already adorned too many of the raft of Hammer filmbooks that were now on the market. That put paid to regular DS artist Rick Melton's first two attempts, until a compromise was arrived at with Peter Cushing foregrounded instead. The sit-com scripter in Allan could not resist pairing some of the accompanying photos with joke captions, however, which I also felt obliged to veto.
      The result was Hammer-The Haunted House of Horror, which was put out under the DS Ghoulish Publishing banner in 2018, with a soft launch at that same year's inaugural Darkfest.   


                                                           Darkfest 2018: Allan Bryce, DM & Jane Meikle